Annual Assessment Reporting Criteria

An annual academic program assessment report documents which assessment activities from a program’s assessment plan were conducted and describe how the program plans to make improvements based on the results. The most common types of changes inform curricular decisions, learning outcome revisions and assessment plan updates. As such, reports provide a building block toward program review.

Report Criteria

Quality annual program assessment reports should:

  • Identify one or more program learning outcomes that were assessed within the past year
  • Outline the types of assessments that were conducted (one direct assessment is required every three years)
  • Document and analyze the results
  • Describe how faculty were involved in reviewing the results.
  • Summarize recommendations, identify improvements (if needed) and outline next steps

Alternative Assessment Reporting Option for 2020-21

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an alternative to the traditional assessment report is available for  programs that determine it to be a more appropriate option.

The option presents the opportunity for programs to reflect on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote instruction, and remote academic advising on student learning and the student academic experience related to at least one of the program’s student learning outcomes. Programs are invited to select at least one of their program learning outcomes and reflect broadly on how the transition to remote instruction had an impact on student learning in regard to that outcome. Examples of guiding questions for this exercise might be:

  • In what ways did instructors pivot their emphasis of course learning outcomes to ensure student achievement of programmatic expectations?
  • How did the department come together to decide “what is important” in regard to student learning in that short period of time?
  • What positive changes were made to accommodate for remote instruction that the program will continue in a traditional environment?
  • What would the program do differently in regard to helping students achieve this outcome if given the opportunity?

Given this reflection, conclude with how the program adapted/plans to adapt to the changing landscape of instruction with student achievement of the learning outcome at the forefront. Also, highlight any summary data that may have been collected about the teaching and learning experience during the pandemic. You might elect this option if the program was not able to complete data collection for AY 20-21. We anticipate the reflection being no more than two pages.

Annual Assessment Report Worksheet

This downloadable Annual Assessment Report Worksheet (MS Word) is intended to help programs prepare their annual program assessment reports. The worksheet outlines and describes all of the sections that are required in the report, and gives programs the opportunity to gather, organize and pre-record their information before submitting their reports in AEFIS.

Submit A Report

Follow these detailed, step-by-step instructions (with visuals) to submit a report.

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AY 2020-21 Report Due

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