Annual Assessment Reporting Criteria

An annual academic program assessment report documents which assessment activities from a program’s assessment plan were conducted and describe how the program plans to make improvements based on the results. The most common types of changes inform curricular decisions, learning outcome revisions and assessment plan updates. As such, reports provide a building block toward program review.

Report Criteria

Quality annual program assessment reports should:

  • Identify one or more program learning outcomes that were assessed within the past year
  • Outline the types of assessments that were conducted (one direct assessment is required every three years)
  • Document and analyze the results
  • Describe how faculty were involved in reviewing the results.
  • Summarize recommendations, identify improvements (if needed) and outline next steps

Annual Assessment Report Worksheet

This downloadable Annual Assessment Report Worksheet (MS Word) is intended to help programs prepare their annual program assessment reports. The worksheet outlines and describes all of the sections that are required in the report, and gives programs the opportunity to gather, organize and pre-record their information before submitting their reports in HelioCampus Assessment and Credentialing (formerly AEFIS).

Submit a Report

Follow these detailed, step-by-step instructions (with visuals) to submit a report.

AY 2022-23 Reports

Due December 1, 2023